Is social media spurring creativity? Or demented acts?

The browser is now the hub, and thanks to countless social media sites with diverse features, people are using these sites in unique, creative and at times in distasteful ways.

While some cheeky tweeples just wanna have fun, some other sites have found users creating their own niche. One such site, often in the controversies, but I checked out recently and found some interesting users is Chatroulette. (WARNING: Below 18 users please refrain from checking out the Chatroulette site).

The site is nasty to say the least. When you are paired with random strangers for webcam based chats, always expect a crowd of pervert males showing some organ of their body. However, here you can also find women engaging in similar activities at times. A possible reason is that social media is increasingly popular with people of alternative preferences, as per this report “Social Networks extra-popular with Gays, Lesbians“.

Despite all the odds, the site is quite addicitive in nature, just by the sheer uncertainity of who the next stranger is likely to be. And if you are lucky like me, the next stranger can be really interesting.

I am not sure what was the purpose behind Chatroulette, but people are finding their own way of using the site.

Some users made my 30 minute Russian Roulette on chat real fun today. While I missed recording the classy acts of these people, I managed to find similar videos and pictures; and trust me they are real fun. Will make a special mention of “Turn your head” (found a similar video below), “Magician”, and “The barking dog” – (couldn’t find any video for the last two).

Check out the collection below of some interesting Chatroulette videos that I have fished out.

(Yes, I didn’t win too!)

Unfortunately these users are only 0.001% of  Chatroulette, so don’t be disheartened if you miss them during your Chatroulette session and end up with few social perverts only .


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